Carpathian Culinary Heritage Network logo competition is finished. The talented designers from Ukraine, Romania, Hungary and Slovakia competed together. The winning designer became Mr. Sergiy Rymar from Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine who has introduced the stylized image of the cooking pot/crock as the network’s logo. The logo-winner identified by the international competition committee among several dozens of different entries is presented below:


According to the author's explanations the central logo element is a crock that from the old times has been the main ware for cooking and symbolizes the identity of each ethnic group inhabiting the Carpathian region. Fire has always been a symbol of life and family shelter that preserved the unity and human values. Cooking food on an open fire is a tradition that has retained in the Carpathians till nowadays. Tongues of fire also recall the peaks of the Carpathian Mountains and the steam rises above the pot reminds the clouds over the ranges.

From now on Carpathian Culinary Heritage Network starts the development and promotion of its brand where the graphics elements will combine ancient Carpathians symbols: fire, potand steam. The brand breathes with warmth and smells of the Carpathian meals.

The logo is easy to use by food producers, farmers and cafes, restaurants, hotels, B&Bs etc. In addition, the network logo will be used for marking certain food products recognized by the certification program as traditionally Carpathians. The network members will discuss and approve special instructions for the brand usage and its elements: names, the logo itself, colors, etc.